London Recovers from Slow Start

LONDON (AP) — With the season at the midway point, the London Knights have recovered from a slow start to being in a tight race with the Boston Buzzards for first place in the NatEast. The team spent the early parts of the year integrating prized free agent signee Bryant Walsh into the starting lineup as […] More

Philly Ships Out Sibley and Opens Door to American Hero

PHILADELPHIA, PA (AP) — The Philadelphia Americans are wasting no time or taking any chances with Jorge Sibley’s injury. GM Steve Gibson has been in touch with both the OBWL league office, WADA and USADA as they look for treatment options for their injured star guard. Philly has opted to send the point guard to […] More

Labs Remain in the Playoff Hunt

TORONTO, ON (AP) — It appears the youngsters in York are starting to gel.  Many have written off this team, coaching staff, and management as losers again. It may still end up that way.  However, there is mid-season hope. Trevor Roberts continues to be a leader in the locker room and has already committed to […] More

Rumors Swirl Americans Strengthen Team Further

PHILADELPHIA, PA (AP) — In Philadelphia, staff members of the organization including GM Steve Gibson and Head Coach Eli Alvis have been seen working longer hours than normal. According to one insider, staff members have spent long hours behind closed doors but tight lips meant no extra information could be given except “Probably the Tritons.” […] More

Sting take over the lead

The Las Vegas Sting after a four game win streak, have moved their selves into first place in the American West Division. Wins over the Invaders, Tritons, Swing, and Blaze has secured the first place spot.  In the four game run. Carter put up a total of 94 points, leading the team each night in […] More

Labs still in playoff hunt?

It may be early in the year, but the York Labradors remain in the playoff hunt.  In recent years, York has not been competitive early in the year.  This year one could argue the Labs might be turning the corner towards a winning season. Hitch has the team just one game from the division lead. […] More

Sting struggling early

LAS VEGAS, NV (AP) — The Las Vegas Sting are struggling  badly here in the OBWL. In the last 7 games they have gone 2-5. The Sting have had some close games and then more than enough not so close games. Still the up side of the Sting is Shooting Forward Thomas Carter. He leads […] More

Gators Universe

For the New Orleans Gators it is an impressive start into the new season! Two of the first five games were played at home in the new arena of the Gators and the people in New Orleans are interested in their new franchise. Over 90% of the normal tickets were sold and 100% of the […] More

Sting 1-1 as They Head Out on 3 Game Road Trip

The Las Vegas Sting have started the season off 1-1. The Sting started off in South Florida as the opened up the season with a road 121-117 loss to the Sharks. Thomas Carter was on fire as he scored 46 points, going 6-13 from the 3 point line and 20-36 in FGs overall. Carter lead […] More

Get Us Some Help!

“I agreed to take a pay cut and stay in the city I love, but if you don’t get us some help,then I’m gonna take my experience and leadership elsewhere”, said Kenny Gott, the only remaining Chaos player with a championship ring that he helped make possible. These were his words to GM Travis Whetzel […] More

Labs Ready for New Year

Can General Manager Kevin Hitch make enough moves to secure a playoff spot?  Fans are still upset that Hitch was not a good enough GM to keep Kelvin Penrod.  He was smart enough to draft him with the third overall pick, but got nothing in return when the contract was up. The team remains pretty […] More

Sting lose again

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (AP) — The Las Vegas Sting went into Indiana looking for a big game. But what they got was some of the same ol’ same old. Vegas dropped their fourth game in the preseason to the Indiana Invaders.  The Sting were lead by Andrew Alvarez who scored 26 points. lost 119-98. Alvarez, who […] More

Sunkings re-sign Vela, add multiple new role players

ST. LOUIS, MO (AP) — It’s been a relatively quiet free agency for the St. Louis Sun Kings. With about 20 million in cap space and around 30 million in budget space, it could have been a promising time to add another jewel to the team. But with OBWL scoring leader Ambrose Vela expiring, it […] More

The Storm Lands Xander Remington

SAN DIEGO, CA (AP) — Xander Remington Brings Experience and Defensive Prowess to the San Diego Storm The San Diego Storm have made a significant move in their off-season roster construction by signing former All-Star and All-Defensive player Xander Remington. The 34-year-old guard joins the Storm after a successful career that has seen him excel […] More

LA Free Agency Review

The Chaos had a few players with bird rights, but none of them were considered must haves, aside from maybe Kenny Gott, who has been the teams rock for the last few years. GM Whetzel had discussions with the players and told them that he would make offers for them, but they wouldn’t be the […] More

Seeking Redemption After Disappointing Season

SAN DIEGO, CA – San Diego Storm Off-Season: Seeking Redemption After Disappointing Season After a disappointing 34-46 season that saw the San Diego Storm miss the playoffs, the team had high hopes for the off-season to make significant improvements and come back stronger. However, their hopes were quickly dashed as they fumbled the ball on […] More

New owner in Honolulu

There were big changes in Honolulu at the start of the off-season. Long time owner Wade Tejeda sold the Inferno to Jeff Medina who in now in charge. Tejeda bought the team in 2017 and he was a patient owner and did let the team develop. It took a few years, 5 in fact, to […] More

“Nuke’em, Truman!”

Denver. Seems like Demons GM Klaus von Meyerinck is back for good. At least the craziness has returned to Denver – and that is pretty darn obvious even as the first game of the new season has yet to be played. But KvM played a heavy hand in the selection of the new head coach Truman […] More

After Initial Disaster, Sea Dogs Rebound in Later FA Stages

Seattle (AP) — The Seattle SeaDogs started free agency with a disaster as the team was experiencing technical difficulties at SeaDogs HQ and were unable to get any communication to the league on the most important day of free agency, ultimately leading to Seattle losing key contributor and spark plug Bryant Walsh to the London […] More

MADMAN is back – twice

Denver. For a long time it seemed like both the city and the basketball team of Denver had made their way back to being a normal OBWL town and franchise. It was nothing but an illusion. It was nothing than hopes that crashed today. After  long period of silence and absence Demons GM Klaus von […] More

Labs Looking to Add Help for Roberts

What will General Manager HItch do with his team? The team once again missed the playoffs.  York was in the hunt before falling apart down the stretch.  This will give the team another good draft pick.  When will the team turn it around with all the young players? Trevor Roberts will be with the team […] More

Blast From The Past

Americans Win Their First Heikkinen Cup

PHILADEPHIA, PA (AP) — There were jubilant scenes in Philadelphia as the Americans won their first OBWL Championship. The fans erupted on the final buzzer after the Americans won a tense game 6 battle against the London Knights and again the Garden erupted when Kendall Melanson was named Playoff MVP. “We couldn’t have done it […] More