The Santiago Trade
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Poll is created on Aug 25, 2023
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The Santiago Trade

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Archers trade SF Dirk Kendall, C Nathanael Robinson, Archers 2035 1st to the Snipers
Snipers trade C Gregory Santiago, SF Brian Seeger to the Archers

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I am not a fan of large scale changes while we are playing well but, in a conference that has so many talented big players, having a DMVP caliber PF makes me a better challenger for a deep cup run than a super versatile SF.

Hate to see Robinson go as he was kind of that home grown raised up.  He plays pretty damned well for a non lottery pickup too.  Though, in fairness, he was in that "fringe lottery" #12 spot so, "non lottery"? Ehhh...

It's kind of "shit or get off the pot" with Wright.  I've had him with multiple roster iterations and he's got 1 cup; however, if I'm going to try to get him another ring, it kind of has to be this year (he's turning the dreaded 30 and expiring).  I also realize that, in a series, I would need more.  I guess this is me pushing all my chips in on this season.  Santiago addresses a lot of things (we're solidly middle of the pack in rebounding for example) and will amp some other things we were already good at (we're 6th in blocks and steals and Santiago > Robinson in both areas).

I'll miss Robinson and, knowing my luck, he'll hulk out for Mark like Azevedo did for Dom.  Yet, if Santiago gets me up to the level of this season's frontrunners and gives me a shot at a cup, it's worth it.

Plan B, if it does not get me over the hump, is to go into FA with $55 million free to spend on whatever hotness is out there and, hopefully, a winning franchise attracts some talent (along with the fat paycheck).  I'll still have birds on Wright/Santiago so I could maybe even amp it up next season if FA goes completely my way (hahah, yeah right). 

Worse-worse case scenario... I completely strike out in all phases of FA, keep my 2036 pick, and just burn it all down with no appreciable salary on the books.

For Mark, Kendall will expire after next season (presuming he doesn't decline his player option now that he's on a team around the bottom of the standings with a star talent at his same position).  If he stays, he can be pickup to some contender in the off/next season for whatever picks/prospects can be had.  Kendall could do SF or SG (he's done both with me) so no real conflict with Emmert in terms of depth chart.  He gets the best young shot blocker around also happens to be able to score buckets effectively.  Robinson is a FA but he's in that middle position with relation to his FA prospects which I think favors the home team.  So, for example, I don't think any team (except ones distinctly have a FU to give Mark) will legitimately offer a full max on Robinson.  At the end of the day, he's not Santiago (in that he's not foul immune or some 20/10 guy) so he'll be catching non-max offers I expect.  Mark's birds let him top any MLE or half measure that GMs put out there.  Being a green guy, I's wager his demands won't be insane so that bodes well for the offers he does get in rounds 1-6.  If his demands are enough that he'll sign in those "signing rounds" then the GMs who strike out in FA won't be able to trauma dump their money on Robinson.  We only talked briefly so I'm not 100% on Marc's motivation but I expect (after the way this season went) that he did not want to stay in a position where he would be forced to either commit heavily to retain Santiago or let him go for nothing.  The cracks in the dam were coming too fast (it seems) to patch so pulling the rip cord and getting two prospects out of it along with a quality veteran is a solid move.  I mean, what do you offer a 32 year old veteran who can still play but your team is not in a position to be what it used to be?  Full max?  A one year?  A 1+1?  He's still going to catch substantial offers I expect but that's no longer a problem on Marc's plate.

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GREAT trade for both but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it for Eric. 
While Santiago may not be the same as he was 2 seasons ago, he's still fantastic and makes the Archers better....a whole lot better in my opinion.

Like it for Sands too. The Snipers, like the Tritons, had no reason/need to keep vets around and getting younger is the priority.

A W for both franchises but a really big W for ANA

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Yeah I like the trade for both teams too. Mark begins to dismantle a team at the end if their run. I think it's important for that team to keep the cap clean until Emmert's option year can be declined and then reload.

Eric gets a great talent that will add some move needed paint presence. I like that he's not sitting on his hands and hoping as the Archers have an opportunity to make a splash in the post-season