The Azevedo Trade
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Poll is created on Feb 13, 2024
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The Azevedo Trade

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Archers trade PF William Azevedo to the Evolution
Evolution trade SF Luis Engram, 2036 Evolution 1st, 2036 Evolution 2nd to the Archers

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Good trade for both.

Eric is clearly cleaning house and collecting assets. His budget can ahndle Engram and it's a shorter contract than The Ace's.

Marco is finally able to finalize his divorce from his once beloved Engram....it's a happy and sad time in Jersey.

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Azevedo, 31 years old, high 5 years contract
Engram, 30 years old, high 2 years (+ team option) contract, who can be an interesting "expireing trade" option next season.

Already without the potential lottery Pick from the Evolution this is a big win for ANA in my opinion.

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Eric just changed a catastrophic contract into a 1st rounder and a nice expiring salary asset for next season.

Marco has once again fallen for a player that will be close to useless within 1 or 2 years max and he then still has to pay him bigtime for 3 years. And on top he also gave away a 1st too.

BIG win for the Archers. Would understand it for Marco if he needed Azevedo to win now and maybe bring him over the edge for a championship, homecourt or whatever. But the Evolution are going nowhere this season and Azevedo will be a burden very soon with this contract.

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Marco gonna Marco. I was in on Azevedo for expiring for a minute, but get why Eric would take this one instead. Great trade for the Archers.

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I very highly doubt that Azevedo will be "useless" in one or two seasons.  Look at what he does.  Even if his QKN falls to 0 in the next two seasons (unheard of FWIW) he'll still be able to collect rebounds, block, defend, drop dimes, and flush a shot.  His shot volume will likely go down but then just address that with motion and running a play for him if you REALLY need him to shoot.  Based on the youth coming up, they're not going to need Azevedo to shoot.

Take Jean Larry for example... he kept doing the great things he did until he was 36 because what he was most valuable for was not his offense.  I'm seeing a similar situation only with better passing and on ball defense.

The point is fair that his contract is heavy but, if gets too painful... if Azevedo just forgets how to play ball completely, just buy it out.  Then you'll have an instant max in budget/cap.

It's always fun to see "the poors" talking about a big contract and how oh so painful it is.  Ehhh... contracts have and are going to continue to inflate.  It used to be that a contract like this would be incomprehensible when we started out (anyone remember the shock at Brice Elliott when we first got going?) but budgets have grown alongside player salaries so, while heavy, it's not extreme anymore.

Also, I'm pretty sure that if Dom weren't suffering from sleep deprivation due to being a parent, he would have opened up the vault for Azevedo too.  Just like I would have opened it up for Randolph Wright had the timing of FA been better.  Oh, I'm sure Dom will deny this and say, "I would have offered lower," because then he can claim to be the Warren Buffet of the OBWL.  Now that he has his fantastic team this season without Azevedo, he can say, "see?  We didn't really need him anyway," when secretly... he printed out an Azevedo basketball card and has been falling asleep weeping and stroking it for months.

Things always look different through the lens of revisionist history... but those who know?  We know better. 😀