Robert Re-signs

It has been 15 years since the Labs have had a winning season. However, York has made the playoffs for the last two years. Trevor Roberts has provided leadership over the last four years.

General Manager Hitch has tried developing young players with top draft picks.  However, he struggled with handling the finances when it came to resigning them.  Hitch felt he could not let Roberts go without a fight.

To the surprise of many, Roberts did not get many offers.  GM’s around the league knew Hitch wanted him back.  Maybe this is why.  It was thought that Hitch would do a max offer. The negotiations came down to years and dollars. York offers 128 million over 6 years, but the last one was a team option.  His agent came back with a counter offer.  The Labs agreed to $133 million over 6 years with the last being a player option for $20 million.  The contract declines dollars in the final years.  Roy Williams, originally drafted by Hitch, just signed a 5 year 143 million deal.  He is two years younger than Trevor.

“We feel great about this deal.  Some may say it is to much for a 30 year old.  We just signed last year’s MVP to a contract under $25 million a year.  His leadership is priceless!” Hitch said after the signing.

Joiner, SG/PG, is signed for two years around 12 million per year.  McGinty, PG, is signed for four year at over $14 million per season. Howerton, a potential superstar, plays SF and SG. He is signed for five year at an average of $25 million a year.

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