The Dispersal Draft phase is now complete. Please be sure to download the updated league file.


Muscle trade PF Doyle Wagoner to the Thunderbirds
Thunderbirds trade 2036 Thunderbirds 1st, 2037 Thunderbirds 1st to the Muscle


The 2036 OBWL Rookie Draft will be held live on *SUNDAY, JUNE 2ND at 10:30 AM EST in Slack.*

*If you are unable to attend, you can send a list to me at* Please *DO NOT* send any lists or other requests by any means other than the e-mail listed above. If you send me a list in a DM or something I will not accept it. “” is not hard to remember!

The usual live draft rules apply. The #draft-talk channel in Slack is for audience comments, heckling, haggling, cheers and jeers. The #draft_announcement channel in Slack is for the Deputy Commissioner Eric Stelle to announce picks as they are made and to announce who is on the clock. No comments from GMs in that channel, please.

When it is your turn to pick, Eric will send you a DM in Slack. Please respond to him directly. I am usually busy behind the scenes updating the website and making rulings on trades and such. Eric provides a very valuable service as the point man on communicating the picks so send him your selections when he asks for them.

GMs have 5 minutes on the clock to select a player in the first round and two minutes to make a pick in the 2nd round.

Good luck on Sunday everyone!


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