*There will be a transaction round tomorrow night at the usual sim time.*

This round is for Dispersal Draft transactions ONLY. Please E-MAIL me at with any of the following transactions:

*1) You wish RELEASE a player you selected in the Dispersal Draft.* The player will be removed from your roster, their Bird rights will reset to zero, and there will be no cut salary applied to your budget.

*2) You wish to TRADE a player you selected in the Dispersal Draft.* Submit the trade as normal (both teams must confirm) and I will process it accordingly.

*The deadline for orders is tomorrow night at 8:00 PM EDT [UTC-04]. Again, E-MAIL me with any of the transactions listed above.*

The league file has NOT been updated — I need to make some manual adjustments first in order for amnesty cuts and Bird rights to be correct.


The Rookie Draft will be held *SUNDAY, JUNE 2ND at 10:30am EDT.*  I’ll send out an announcement with more particulars — although it’s the same process it always is — soon.


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