I know people have a lot of questions about the Dispersal Draft so while we are on pause before the Rookie Draft I figured I’d send out an explainer with all the details.

The Dispersal Draft page — which includes draft order and the player pool — can be found at *MAIN MENU > DRAFT > DISPERSAL DRAFT.*


*All 24 teams will have a pick in this year’s Dispersal Draft.*  Picks are made in reverse order of last season’s regular season records. The worst record gets the first pick, the next worse the second pick, and so on and so on.

*Every team MUST select a player,* there is no “passing” or “skipping” your pick in the Dispersal Draft.

*There is no trading of Dispersal Draft picks.* The order is fixed.


*There are 28 players in the Dispersal Draft pool.* This includes 18 players currently under contract and 10 players who are free agents.

*Player Contracts*

If you draft a player under contract, his salary is immediately added to your payroll *regardless of your cap space or budget.*

*This means that a player you pick can potentially put you over budget,* with all the limitations and restrictions being over budget causes!

*This also means the player will eat into whatever cap space or budget you have available for the offseason Free Agency period,* so be aware of the impact the player’s salary will have on your offseason plans.

*Free Agents*

If you draft a player who is a free agent, *there is no effect on your cap space or budget.*

*Instead, you acquire the player’s current Bird rights* (if any) and can use those to treat the player as your “own free agent” for offseason Free Agency.


*Immediately after the Dispersal Draft is over,* you can choose to waive the player you picked at *NO COST* to your team.

*Waiving a player in this manner resets his Bird rights to zero* for the upcoming Free Agency period.

What do you think?