Please be sure to download the updated league file.

This concludes the regular season. Congratulations to all the teams that made the playoffs! The postseason begins on *THURSDAY, 3/14.*

The deadline for orders is Thursday night at 8:00 PM EST [UTC-05].


THURSDAY, 3/14 — Postseason Round 1, Game 1
FRIDAY, 3/15 — Postseason Round 1, Game 2


GM of the Year Dominik Jenewein Sun Kings
Coach of the Year Irwin Bennett Knights

Most Valuable Player PF Trevor Roberts Labradors
Rookie of the Year SG David Morello Tritons
Defender of the Year C Cary Fisher Inferno
6th Man of the Year SG Richard Koons Knights
Most Improved Player PF Sylvain Prevost Sharks

All-League 1st Team C Cary Fisher Inferno
All-League 1st Team F Trevor Roberts Labradors
All-League 1st Team F Thomas Carter Sting
All-League 1st Team G John Howerton Labradors
All-League 1st Team G John Glisson Gators

All-League 2nd Team C Raymond Lindstrom Chaos
All-League 2nd Team F Roy Williams Marauders
All-League 2nd Team F Kendall Melanson Americans
All-League 2nd Team G Charles Ackerman Sea Dogs
All-League 2nd Team G Rusty Villatoro Swing

All-League 3rd Team C Kelvin Penrod Evolution
All-League 3rd Team F Cleveland Schneider Huskies
All-League 3rd Team F Ambrose Vela Sun Kings
All-League 3rd Team G Luis Wendling Snipers
All-League 3rd Team G Don McDaniel Buzzards

All-Defense 1st Team C Cary Fisher Inferno
All-Defense 1st Team F Douglas Floyd Invaders
All-Defense 1st Team F Roy Williams Marauders
All-Defense 1st Team G Nathan Hindman Knights
All-Defense 1st Team G Sam Ayers Muscle

All-Defense 2nd Team C Andrew Waldrop Swing
All-Defense 2nd Team F Dirk Kendall Snipers
All-Defense 2nd Team F Larry Bricker Sun Kings
All-Defense 2nd Team G James Bergmann Chaos
All-Defense 2nd Team G Richard Koons Knights

All-Rookie 1st Team C Daniel Rickey Snipers
All-Rookie 1st Team F Major Gorton Swing
All-Rookie 1st Team F Jake Eckman Muscle
All-Rookie 1st Team G David Morello Tritons
All-Rookie 1st Team G Randall Bush Blaze

All-Rookie 2nd Team C Joe Schilling Marauders
All-Rookie 2nd Team F Edward Henson Buzzards
All-Rookie 2nd Team F Chris Hinz Chaos
All-Rookie 2nd Team G Radek Zelenka Stallions
All-Rookie 2nd Team G David Kidder Invaders

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