No moves for Labs

It has been some ride for the York Labrador fans this year.  The team started at 3-15.  The General Manager was frustrated as was the owner and the fans.  Rumors were that Hitch and the entire coaching staff were on the chopping block.

Hitch want looking for help.  (This isn’t the first time that he can’t seem to make a decision)  Some fans wonder if he should be running the team.  There were trade offers all before and during the season.  There were offers at the trade deadline.  The team stayed put.  Word is that the Labs were offered multiple first round picks for Howerton.  There were also offers for Joiner.

There were many conversations with the owners and the head coach.  Hitch stayed course and wanted to see if this young group would develop.  They have started to prove his decision correct.  York has gone 22-12 after the horrible start.

York is in the seventh position.  The team has only made the playoffs once in the last ten season.  Can the team make it two years in a row? If so, can the staff lead them to a first round victory. 

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