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All Star Weekend is complete. See below for details on the All Star team rosters as well as the results of the Dunk Contest and Three Point Shoot-out.

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MONDAY, 2/12 — 3 game days
TUESDAY, 2/13 — 3 game days, Trade Deadline passes


*OBWL All-Star Game Rosters Announced*

The 2035 OBWL All-Star Game rosters were named today. The National Conference will be lead by Cary Fisher. Thomas Carter has been the most reliable player for the American Conference. Charles Ackerman has now appeared in the All-Star Game a total of 11 times.

Here is a look at the rosters:

*National Conference Starters*

C Cary Fisher (Inferno)
PF Roy Williams (Marauders)
SF Andrew Evans (Inferno)
SG Rusty Villatoro (Swing)
PG Charles Ackerman (Sea Dogs)

*National Conference Bench*

C Kelvin Penrod (Evolution)
PF Cleveland Schneider (Huskies)
SF Lemuel Wald (Demons)
SG Don McDaniel (Buzzards)
PG David Fausel (Storm)
PF Brian Washer (Coyotes)
C Earnest Pizarro (Coyotes)

*American Conference Starters*

C Raymond Lindstrom (Chaos)
PF Trevor Roberts (Labradors)
SF Thomas Carter (Sting)
SG John Howerton (Labradors)
PG John Glisson (Gators)

*American Conference Bench*

C Ray Weston (Invaders)
PF Kendall Melanson (Americans)
SF Ambrose Vela (Sun Kings)
SG Lynwood Emmert (Snipers)
PG Sam Ayers (Muscle)
SF Randolph Wright (Gators)
PF Carlo Jordan (Snipers)

*Ambrose Vela Wins OBWL Slam Dunk Contest*

The 2035 OBWL Slam Dunk Contenst was a showdown between Ambrose Vela and Lemuel Wald. Ambrose Vela was voted the champion, winning 56.3% of the vote in the final round.

Here is a look at the results:

Round One:

1. Ambrose Vela (Sun Kings) – 47.1
2. Lemuel Wald (Demons) – 46.3
3. Andrew Evans (Inferno) – 45.3
4. John Howerton (Labradors) – 45.2
5. Justin Clark (Huskies) – 42.4
6. Bryant Walsh (Knights) – 41.5


1. Ambrose Vela (Sun Kings) – 56.3%
2. Lemuel Wald (Demons) – 43.7%

*Edward Kingsbury Wins OBWL 3-Point Shootout*

The 2035 OBWL 3-Point Shootout was captured by Edward Kingsbury with a final round score of 20. Garth Larose and John Glisson also reached the final round.

Here is a look at the results:

Round One:

1. Edward Kingsbury (Thunderbirds) – 18
2. John Glisson (Gators) – 16
3. Garth Larose (Sting) – 15
4. Sam Ayers (Muscle) – 15
5. Chase Samons (Invaders) – 14
6. David Fausel (Storm) – 11

Final Round:

1. Edward Kingsbury (Thunderbirds) – 20
2. Garth Larose (Sting) – 14
3. John Glisson (Gators) – 5

*OBWL Rookie Game Rosters Announced*

The 2035 OBWL Rookie Game rosters were named today. Here is a look at the rosters:

*Rookies Starters*

C Joe Schilling (Marauders)
PF Major Gorton (Swing)
SF Clyde Parent (Demons)
SG William Mendoza (Sharks)
PG Wilton Saldivar (Marauders)

*Rookies Bench*

C George Bromley (Marauders)
PF Cesar Neace (Demons)
SF Sam Braxton (Sharks)
SG Radek Zelenka (Stallions)
PG Jeffrey Escalera (Buzzards)
PG Henry Adkins (Sting)
SG Raphael Herod (Evolution)

*Sophomores Starters*

C Weldon Wolfenbarger (Gators)
PF Adam Green (Inferno)
SF Christopher Huynh (Stallions)
SG Sidney Beavers (Gators)
PG Shane Woods (Sun Kings)

*Sophomores Bench*

C Ronald McAndrew (Tritons)
PF Brent McCrea (Huskies)
SF Jerome Fry (Labradors)
SG Randall Bush (Blaze)
PG Brandon Wells (Sharks)
PG Jessie Hughes (Tritons)
C Daniel Rickey (Snipers)

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