I’ve imported the new rookie class. You can view it by downloading the updated league file and clicking on Draft Preview. The website is not yet updated with the rookies — I haven’t had time yet and need to work out a 403 error the draft board page is giving with my host’s tech support. I should have the site updated before too long though.


Looks like I was mistaken about the Draft Lottery being after Staff Hiring — my bad! I’ll try to run this and get it posted some time tomorrow or this weekend at the latest.


I’d like to tentatively begin Staff Hiring on *MONDAY EVENING, 11/20.*

*The deadline for orders will be 8:00 PM EST [UTC-05].*

*PLEASE NOTE* that we have switched over to Eastern Standard Time here at OBWL Headquarters and plan accordingly!

I am still on orientation/training for another two weeks but my mornings look more open. We will switch to Staff Hiring two-a-days on TUESDAY, 11/21. Those AM morning sims are still tentative so please be patient if I am late getting them posted. We will adjust the tentative schedule if necessary.

*LAST NOTE: THURSDAY, 11/23 is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. so there will be no sims (AM or PM) that day!*

Staff Hiring Schedule (Subject to Change)

DAY 1 – Monday 11/20 at 8:00 PM EST [UTC-05]

DAY 2 – Tuesday 11/21 at 8:00 AM EST [UTC-05]
DAY 3 – Tuesday 11/21 at 8:00 PM EST [UTC-05]

DAY 4 – Wednesday 11/22 at 8:00 AM EST [UTC-05]
DAY 5 – Wednesday 11/22 at 8:00 PM EST [UTC-05]

*Thanksgiving break, no sims on Thursday*

DAY 4 – Friday 11/24 at 8:00 AM EST [UTC-05]
DAY 5 – Friday 11/24 at 8:00 PM EST [UTC-05]

What do you think?