Philly Ships Out Sibley and Opens Door to American Hero

PHILADELPHIA, PA (AP) — The Philadelphia Americans are wasting no time or taking any chances with Jorge Sibley’s injury. GM Steve Gibson has been in touch with both the OBWL league office, WADA and USADA as they look for treatment options for their injured star guard.

Philly has opted to send the point guard to South America where its believed Sibley could cut his Plantar Fasciitis injury in half.

South America is known to offer ground breaking stem cell treatment which Sibley will no doubt receive though South America is largely known to have more of an underground medical program which often includes steroid use which adds further fuel to the topic of the OBWL’s unknown stance on the use of steroids for injured players.

The club has issued a statement to its fan base that Jorge has already been sent to an undisclosed location in South America for 14 days of treatment before returning for 3 weeks of rehabilitation which will cut injury time in half. That would be a great result for Sibley and the team as they fight for the division title and another championship.

As Philly sends off Sibley the Americans have opened the door to club champion John Newton. “After the Kenneth Friday trade we had a roster spot open” said GM Gibson. “We know how valuable John is to our locker room. In Jorge’s absence, John’s leadership in the locker room and the ways he keeps the people of our club looking forward, it’s a no-brainer to bring him in and provide the team with his leadership. He’s always here anyway so it’s only right to for him play more of a role with the squad”.

The Americans continue to close the gap on the first place St. Louis Sun Kings for the AmEast division title. Gibson has often downplayed the Sun Kings’ season so far and took yet another swipe at the division leaders when asked if Sibley’s injury hurts their chances of another division title. “We’re seeing that point differential come down now that they get beat on the road. A home heavy start to the season will inflate anyone’s numbers, including W’s, so while we think they’re obviously a good team we’ll hunt down that top spot until we have it and then we’ll see them in the play-offs again — if they get that far.”

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