Rumors Swirl Americans Strengthen Team Further

PHILADELPHIA, PA (AP) — In Philadelphia, staff members of the organization including GM Steve Gibson and Head Coach Eli Alvis have been seen working longer hours than normal. According to one insider, staff members have spent long hours behind closed doors but tight lips meant no extra information could be given except “Probably the Tritons.”

GM Gibson, after many days of ignoring reporters waiting outside American headquarters, finally stopped to talk after a long day at the office. Looking somewhat happier than recent days the General Manager stated “We have come to an agreement, the paperwork sits with the league now but we can’t offer more information until the deal has been processed.”

When pressed further by a reporter Gibson replied “It’s a player who we believe fits our system well. He does all the things we look for in players of his type and we think he’ll strengthen our team further as we seek another title. He should help us for years to come.  We have a little work to do there but we hope there is enough here to convince the player that his future is here in Philly”.

With the cryptic information provided podcasters and online sleuths believe that the Americans have come to an agreement for Tampa Bay’s Kenneth Friday.

“They’re looking to replace Ethan Budd” one Philly based podcast concluded. “Kenneth Friday is coming out of contract so it has to be Friday. I dont know if other players are coming but Friday on his own at $5M. I don’t think we give up much, maybe a first round pick as a sweetner. Friday is only 29 so if we get him we might stay in this window for 3 or 4 more years. What I’m interested in is what they can turn Ethan Budd’s contract into, an $11M expiring contract should be highly desirable for teams looking to move on from players who don’t match their situation.”

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