Sting struggling early

LAS VEGAS, NV (AP) — The Las Vegas Sting are struggling  badly here in the OBWL. In the last 7 games they have gone 2-5. The Sting have had some close games and then more than enough not so close games.

Still the up side of the Sting is Shooting Forward Thomas Carter. He leads the team almost every night. Since his return from the IR, Thomas has put up some great numbers. He put up 31 points against the Archers in a 112 -102 loss. “We count on Thomas day in and day out. And he does not disappoint. this is a true All Star. Even when we can’t give him the help he needs he still can deliver. We are so glad he is on our team” said Coach Castro.

Another player who has stepped up even when the Sting are struggling is Joshua Bierman. He has given us double digit scoring almost every night, along with great rebounding. “These two veterans have been showing the younger guys what is needed to play at this level.  We just need a piece or two before we can move up the standings.” Coach Castro was also high on some of the young guns like James Araiza and Andrew Alvarez.  “The only way we are gonna get better is if we all step up, and these guys are doing what it takes. We will get better I’m sure of that. But it’s gonna take some time”.

Coach Castro highlighted the game scores: “The scores have been all over the place.  We need to be able to win more games if we ever plan on being a team to compete.  Just look at these games.”

Sun Kings 115, Sting 106 – 11/18/2034

Archers 121, Sting 102 – 11/21/2034

Stallions 119, Sting 104 – 11/22/2034

Sting 114, Tritons 112 – 11/25/2034

Stallions 100, Sting 82 – 11/26/2034

Sting 111, Gators 88 – 11/29/2034

Muscle 94, Sting 84 – 12/1/2034

“The Archers and Gators are divisional rivals. We cant be doing this. We have got to win these games. We are just 2 1/2 games out of first — but the way we are playing right now, we won’t gain any ground. We will get back to practice and work on everything. I still have faith we will get better and start moving up the standings.”

“Just watch out for the Sting. We are Vegas strong, and we will get back up.”

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