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For the New Orleans Gators it is an impressive start into the new season!

Two of the first five games were played at home in the new arena of the Gators and the people in New Orleans are interested in their new franchise. Over 90% of the normal tickets were sold and 100% of the club seats were sold, while only the ticket sales of the suites are a bit disappointing with 40%. The Gators management does not expect to archive these awesome sales in the future, but for sure the interest in the team is much higher than it was in Portland.

Also the team made already about 3 million in profit. This is about 23% of the profit we made the whole last season! For sure we should end the season with a nice profit and hopefully the budget will rise and the future of the team might become brighter. It seems relocating has been a huge success already.

Let’s have a look at some of the players of the New Orleans Gators:

John Glisson became much better during the off season. He can lead the team this season, should be able to be a top 3 passer in the league and has a chance to develop into an All Star this or next season, what should increase his value for a possible trade.

Weldon Wolfenbarger, 4th overall pick of this draft, is a starting player for the Gators already. He is performing well in FG%, points and rebounds and might have a chance to become Rookie of The Year.

Sydney Beavers, 5th pick of this draft, is the starting SF for the Gators since the beginning of the season already. With 12.4 points per game in 19 minutes he is already a valuable asset in the offense of the Gators and might have a chance to become Rookie of The Year, too.

But the goals for the team are still low: Ending the season not in the last position in the Am West Division, raising the team budget over the salary cap, and developing players like Wolfenbarger, Beavers, Dewayne Cassavas, Jonathan Howell and Manuel Hendershot.

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