Sting 1-1 as They Head Out on 3 Game Road Trip

The Las Vegas Sting have started the season off 1-1. The Sting started off in South Florida as the opened up the season with a road 121-117 loss to the Sharks. Thomas Carter was on fire as he scored 46 points, going 6-13 from the 3 point line and 20-36 in FGs overall. Carter lead the team with 39 mins of game time. James Araiza was second in scoring with 17 points. He also went 5-6 in FTM.

The Sharks were lead by Merrill Manuel as he stepped up and scored 31 points, of which he we perfect at the free throw line at 12 for 12.  He also had 5 assists and 3 rebounds. The Sharks second leading scorer was Noe Davis as he put up 29 points and 13 rebounds.  “We played hard but not quite hard enough. If we keep playing like this we are in for a long season.” Said Head Coach Brandon Castro. “We can’t have Carter doing all the work night in and night out. he needs help, in and around the boards.”

Game two of the season was against the Buzzards. This time the Sting won in a nail biter,  93-92 in front of their home crowd. Team scoring was spread out among the players. Ellis Raper and Andrew Alvarez both put up 16 points. Raper had 20 rebounds, 2 assists and was a +3 in scoring.  Alvarez went 8-10 in free throws, 5 rebounds and was +5 in scoring. Thomas Carter left the game after playing 20 minutes with Patellar Tendanitis.

“We played a much better all around game this time. with everybody contributing to the win. Much better than the first game when we had one player trying to do it by himself.” Coach Castro seemed much happier with the results of this game. Well happy minus the fact that team leader Thomas Carter was pulled from the game do to injury. He will definitely be missed. with what he did for us in game one of the season. That is hard to replace. So we will keep our fingers crossed he get healthy quickly.

The Sting now are 1-1 as the head out on the road for a 3 game road schedule.  Las Vegas starts off in York to face the Labradors, Then they head to New Jersey to face the Evolution. Finally to round out the road trip they head over to London to face the Knights. “We are looking to go at least 2-1 on this road trip. We have to come out of the gate hard. no room for mistakes in this league ” said Coach Castro.

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