Labs Ready for New Year

Can General Manager Kevin Hitch make enough moves to secure a playoff spot?  Fans are still upset that Hitch was not a good enough GM to keep Kelvin Penrod.  He was smart enough to draft him with the third overall pick, but got nothing in return when the contract was up.

The team remains pretty young.  Trevor Roberts is an All Star and needs help with this team.  It appears some of the young talent may be developing.  John Howerton was drafted fourth and is on the final year of his contract.  Hitch is prepared to offer him a big contract.  He has a .491 shooting average and averaged a career high 22 ppg last season.  Joseph Joiner was drafted second overall in 2030.  He should be playing the point but is starting at the two spot.  Robert Schrimsher was brought in for his defense and earned the staring point position.  Donnie McGinty was drafted 2nd in 2022 to be the point guard of the future.  He will be coming off the bench to distribute the ball.  This year the team surprised many by taking Jerome Fry third overall in rookie draft.  He is a small forward but the team already has Howerton.  The team has liked what they have seen from him at camp and during preseason.  He could be in the Rookie of The Year discussion.

The Labs started the pre-season at 5-1 which has given fans hope.   There are no bad contracts on the roster.  Joiner is on a team friendly deal, McGinty is still on his rookie contract while Fry is on the first year of his rookie contract..  Roberts is signed with a team option next year.  There are talks with Howerton about a long term deal with the finances to offer him something.

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