Get Us Some Help!

“I agreed to take a pay cut and stay in the city I love, but if you don’t get us some help,then I’m gonna take my experience and leadership elsewhere”, said Kenny Gott, the only remaining Chaos player with a championship ring that he helped make possible. These were his words to GM Travis Whetzel after a 30 point loss to to the Storm last night.

“He was right… we need help”, said Whetzel to the gallery of reporters lurking in the press room during the post game press conference. “I’m gonna do what needs to be done to get us in contention. I owe it to Kenny and to the city of LA.”

Whetzel left the presser and was immediately on the phone. Who was he calling? What kind of moves will he make? The Buzzards are looking to move players. So are the Storm, Tritons, Inferno and Muscle. What kind of player could get LA headed in the right direction? Will he go after Joseph Powell? Jose Gaynor? Carroll Lerch? Horacio Vega?

Will Whetzel get anything done or will he make a foolish move that keeps them in mediocrity?

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